Limitations to International Calls to China

Due to strict spam monitoring and regulations on communications terminating to China, access to international calling to China is now blocked by default on our network. Access can be requested by filling in and submitting the below application form.

This form requires your agreement to be compliant with the below requirements.

• Make no calls with a duration shorter than 3 minutes.

• Make no unsolicited marketing calls.

• Make minimal repeat calls from the same number in a rolling hour.

• Make no calls from invalid, modified or spoofed origination (From) numbers.

• Any international calls from a Chinese number will be blocked.

Access is provided and can be removed at our discretion. Access does not guarantee calls will not be blocked. Comms Group commit to actively maintain our international calling routes to deliver the most reliable service, however, cannot provide a guarantee for these calls.

To unblock China

To request to unblock China, please fill in the following form.

Please then send this completed form to