CommsChoice is focused on the provision of telecommunications products and services to the corporate market. Whilst we comply with all aspects of the current TCP code, and have an ongoing commitment to compliance as part of our standard internal business processes, CommsChoice does not market telecommunications products and services to standalone business customers who have less than 20 staff or less than $5 Million annual revenue.

Due to our engagement model and minimum thresholds we do not have pricing available on our public website. What this means is that all customers have the ability to negotiate terms with CommsChoice in order to get access to our relevant secure portal, where our pricing is located. As a result of this when we engage with a business or corporate, we have agreed with them what our offering and SFoA is in advance and have presented them with the relevant CIS documents for the services that they will contract with us. We do however contract direct with individual franchise customers who’s annual spend is less than our minimum threshold, where they collectively benefit from the buying power negotiated for that franchise group as a whole.

The following are the customer and compliance policies for CommsChoice Pty Ltd.

CommsChoice Pty Ltd ABN: 95133368797