What is Microsoft Teams direct routing?

Direct routing allows you to make calls to businesses and customers around the world, all within Microsoft teams. By using a SIP Trunk to route your calls over the internet, this is a cost-effective solution within one platform.

How does direct routing work?

We simply host a Microsoft Teams-certified Session Border Controller (SBC) within our own network, which we then connect to our SIP Trunks. We then add another trunk between the SBC and Microsoft Teams so we can configure the line and connect this up with your Teams accounts.

What is Microsoft teams in a nutshell?

It’s a communications app that offers a host of features such as instant messaging, video meetings and file transfers within an organisation.

Can we use Operator connect or Direct Routing for Teams with Comms Group?

Yes we dio Direct routing now and will be on the Microsoft Operator Connect program by late 2021.

Can I have per user Teams Calling Plans or have Teams Direct Routing SIP plans?

Yes you can choose your Teams Direct Routing Call plans based on the number of users and each user can be on the phone at the same time. If you have 20 users you can have 20 simultaneous calls running.

Or you can choose a Teams Direct Routing SIP plan where you choose the number of Teams SIP channels to be shared by your team. If you have 10 Channels but 20 staff, only 10 calls can be taken at any one time.

What hardware can I use for MS Teams Phone System?

When you set up Teams you can add the licence to Desktop Phone, Desktop PC, Laptop, tablet or mobile devices

What if I already have Microsoft products like Office 365?

Microsoft Teams will fully integrate with your existing licence straight out of the box, so it’s ready to use right away.

Do I need to have a Microsoft Partner (MSP) to manage the MS phone teams phone system?

Yes a MS partner will be required to Manage the Teams Phone System deployment and manage the Moves Adds and Changes.

Is there an extra cost to enable Teams 365 Calling?

Yes there is an additional fee that will depend on your Tier of MS licensing. Speak to your MSP regarding these charges.

Who Manages the moves adds and changes to the MS Teams Phone System?

The MSP looks after no carrier related moves adds and changes. CommsChoice looks after carrier and number related changes.