Business Fibre Internet - Unlimited 1Gb Fibre from $699 per month

A few years ago, 10/10Mbps was the standard Business Grade Data Bandwidth. Now 1000/1000Mbps fibre is widely available and cost effective from around $699 a month. Dedicated high speed fibre bandwidth gives your business a predictable and rapid internet performance. This means your team can collaborate online with ease.

Business Gb Fibre Internet is a premium, high performance service that provides the speed and 1000mbps bandwidth that modern, data hungry businesses need.

Delivered using ultra-reliable fibre - and powered by Australia’s largest and most trusted networks - this scalable service offers reliable, symmetrical speeds at a price that won’t break the bank.

We have agreements in place with all of the Tier 1 carriers and a number of quality network providers, which means with CommsChoice you have options. This will help ensure your network has built in redundancy, connects more directly to the cloud, and delivers low latency – which is what you need for business-critical applications.

How long does it take to find out if GB Fibre is available at my site?

We usually get our Business Fibre Internet Service Qualifications back to the client within minutes.

What if GB Business Fibre Internet is not available at our site?

If we check your site address and Gb Fibre is not available, We will interrogate the other Business Internet networks that we have access to, and find a solution that's available at your site including NBN Enterprise Ethernet & alternate carrier Fibre.

Why is Carrier Neutrality important?

Carrier neutrality is an essential factor in delivering network availability. We can find a carrier that delivers what you need at the most cost effective price point we can find. With us, you're not limited to a single provider.

What if I need Business Fibre Internet in a regional town away from the carrier networks?

In most cases we have a solution available for most business centres in each town. With NBN Enterprise Ethernet we are getting unprecedented coverage in regional and outer metro areas up to 1Gbps bandwidth. Give us a call. It costs nothing to find out.

Please give me my free report showing me all the business Internet services that are available at my site