Cloud Business Phone is the CommsChoice Hosted PBX Phone System.

By using the latest VoIP and Unified Communications platforms, together with the latest hardware, you get the best possible Cloud Hosted PBX experience with CommsChoice.

Our Hosted PBX platform provides a single 'all included' license in the plan, so there are no extra's such as Hunt Groups or any of those features that every business needs. It's all included. We have PAYG and Unlimited Calls plans and can assist with Sophisticated or Complex Call Routing requirements. With a CommsChoice Cloud PBX you can have it all.

Included Hosted PBX handset with our 36mth plans mean you don't have expensive establishment costs for the Hosted PBX and are dealing with Australian based professionals. Our Hosted PBX unlimited plans with handset rentals offer the lowest start up costs.

90% of our support team are Australian based at our Clarence St Sydney NOC and we have staff and dealers based Australia wide available for local support if required.

Cloud Business Phone - Free Handsets Offer

  • Included handset with each service on 36mth agreement.
  • Included Softphone for work from Home or on the road on 36mth Term.
  • Free Line Hunt & Attendant on 36 month term.
  • Free Standard Set up on 36 month term.
  • Conditions apply.

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Cloud Business Phone - Hosted PBX Systems suitable for companies with 2 - 5000 users

  • Best value Cloud Based Phone system that grows with your business
  • Included Cloud Hosted PBX handsets (no extra charge) on 36 month agreements
  • 24/7 support
  • Simple PAYG and Unlimited Cloud Hosted PBX call plan options
  • Multi National presence with Global reach using our Global PBX
  • Call Centre, Call Reporting, Voice & Video Conferencing options
  • Keep your existing numbers

Cloud Business Phone Features

Auto Attendant

An automated message service welcoming callers and providing numbered options to direct calls to different areas of the business


Voicemails can be delivered to your desk phone, mobile and/or email inbox

Simultaneous Ring (Twinning)

When a customer calls the main office number, the call will ring the office handset and a mobile phone, phone at home, or soft phone on a computer

Call Forward

You can forward calls in a number of different ways. This includes call forward busy, call forward no answer, call forward immediate, call forward selected callers, call forward set the time. Note that additional charges apply for the forwarded calls on PAYG plans.


Phone conferencing provides a virtual meeting room for internal and external contacts to dial into. Easily make 3 Way calls.

Calling Number Display

Find out who is calling you before you pick up. This is great for a range of business who want to offer a professional phone service.


Dial an extension to page people onsite or in the office

Ring Groups and Hunt Groups

Ensure important calls are answered by defining a group of extensions, or extensions in a department, to ring together

Agent Groups

Allows you to place callers in a queue. The calls are queued up and played music on hold along with recorded messages until an agent becomes available.

Extendable Scalability

As you expand users, offices or locations you can easily add to your existing platform.

Multiple Number

Get a second business telephone number without a full additional line rental. A secondary ring tone will allow you to distinguish between your first number and your Multiple Number. This is great if you run two separate businesses from the same location. You can then answer the phone in the correct way for the necessary business.

Call Reporting

Obtain daily or real-time summaries of all calls, missed calls, calls by extension or department

Hot Desking

Simple log in to allow multiple users over the one desk.

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